Market Adaptibility

Our platform has been designed for technology service providers to cost, price and design "solution of simple to complex IT services".

Solution Lifecycle Management (SLM)

To improve adaptability, agility and differentiation, we have developed our platform and services around Solution Lifecycle Management which enables providers to manage customer IT solutions from cost to contract...

Automated Business Flow

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Grow Revenue, Customers and Profitability

Improve innovation, differentiation, customer experience to add new customers and retain/grow existing customers while improving financial performance of contracted revenue.

Improve Sales Speed, Accuracy & Volume

Deliver a greater number of quotes per resource while increasing the accuracy and the time to create compelling and personalised solutions.

Improve Visibility to Cost, Price and Margins

A lack of cost-of-service model results in poor visibility to our margin. This impacts the ability to make agile pricing decisions to win business.

Increase Solution Consistency & Predictability

With a lack of a standardised portfolio of modular, repeatable services, each solution provided to the customer is different leading to variability, poor expectations and delivery issues.

Manage Resource Constraints and Scalability

Pre-sales resources and technical experts required to design solutions are expensive, in high-demand and low supply. Efficiency is paramount for our scalability.

Reduce Time to Service and Adapt to Market Changes

To stay competitive we need to develop new services or transform into new markets and extend our capabilities to prevent customers from moving to the competition.

Improve Product Knowledge to Map to Customer Requirement

Our services continue to get more complex and we need a way to guide sales to identify requirement and ensure the correct product configuration.

Remove Information Silos and Increase Collaboration

Information about our products and services is spread across spreadsheets, databases, e-mail and on people’s computers. It is difficult to find information, let alone determine if it is accurate.

What we can do for you

Based on our extensive domain experience, we have developed a technology platform to address the unique challenges of IT service providers enabling increased market adaptability, business agility and service differentiation.

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Our modular platform has been designed for technology service providers to cost, price and design “solutions of simple to complex IT services".

  • servicePath CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) provide an entry-level platform enabling sales and product management teams to deliver compelling, dynamic and personalised quotes.
  • servicePath SLM (Solution Lifecycle Management) extends the functionality of CPQ across the lifecycle of a service from cost to contract.

Who we are

servicePath was founded in 2011 by an experienced team of telecommunications and managed IT services industry professionals who recognised the lack of systems and tools to support the complex nature of costing, pricing and selling IT services and solutions.

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